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Branding your tracking pages
Branding your tracking pages

Enable Packfleet Pro to use your company logo and brand colours on tracking pages

Updated over a week ago

Taking your tracking pages to the next level only requires uploading your company logo and knowing your company colours.

Go to Settings and navigate to the Packfleet Pro section.

Note: If you're using more than one brand with Packfleet Pro, you'll first want to go to Brands and select the Brand you want to customize.

Here you’ll see the standard Packfleet tracking page look. There’s nothing wrong with it but it’ll look much nicer once you upload your logo and colours.

Tweaking colours and logo

Your changes will not be seen by customers until they’re published so you can freely play with options until everything looks just as you want it.

Publishing changes

Once you’re happy with the results press the Publish button (or click Discard changes if not), wait a second and you’ll get a nice confirmation.

From this point on your customers will enjoy your new fresh look.

You can make changes every time you want so don’t hesitate to come back and tweak things at any point if your brand is ever evolving.

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