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Connecting your BigCommerce store with Packfleet
Connecting your BigCommerce store with Packfleet
Updated over a week ago

Packfleet has a deep integration with BigCommerce, designed to make it seamless to import orders from your store to be shipped with us.

Here it is in 5 easy steps:

  1. Log in to your Packfleet dashboard

  2. Press the πŸ‘€ (Settings) icon in the bottom left

  3. Go to Integrations

  4. Press Connect a new integration

  5. Search for BigCommerce and press Connect

  6. Press Take me to BigCommerce to navigate to the page on the BigCommerce app store and follow the instructions to add the app to your store. In this step, you'll need to log into your BigCommerce account and accept the permissions dialog

You should now see your store listed under "Integrations" on the settings page!

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