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Connecting your Veeqo account with Packfleet
Connecting your Veeqo account with Packfleet
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Packfleet has a deep integration with Veeqo, designed to make it seamless to create shipments directly inside the Veeqo dashboard.

Here it is in 5 easy steps:

  1. Log in to your Packfleet dashboard

  2. Press the 👤 (Settings) icon in the bottom left

  3. Go to Integrations

  4. Press Connect a new integration

  5. Search for Veeqo and press Connect

  6. Press Take me to Veeqo to open Veeqo in a new window. You may be prompted to log into your Veeqo account. Please note that you will need the details shown on this page in a future step

  7. Find the Custom carrier and click Connect. This is currently a beta feature and you may need to reach out to Veeqo support to enable it.

  8. When prompted enter the Base URL, Name and Tracking URL exactly as shown in step 6

  9. Click Connect your account which will generate a read-only token.

  10. Return to the Packfleet tab that was opened in step 6 and enter the token you received from Veeqo

  11. Finally click Connect to finish connecting Veeqo to Packfleet

You should now see your account listed under "Integrations" on the settings page!

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