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How does your pricing work?
How does your pricing work?
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What is your standard pricing?

Our standard 1st Pack Price is £6 + VAT per package.

Our Additional Pack Price in the same shipment is £4 + VAT per package.

Are our prices excluding VAT?


Do you charge for timed delivery?

There are surcharges on top of our standard rates for timed delivery which depend on how narrow you want the time windows to be:

  • 6 hour time window - 30% fee on standard rate

  • 4-6 hour time window - 60% fee on standard rate

  • 2-4 hour time window - 100% fee on standard rate

Your customers will get a 1-hour time slot as standard on the day and we can make the option available for them to purchase a specific time slot too.

Do you deliver on Sundays?

We are able to now offer delivery on Sundays our standard rate is £9 per package.

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