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Automatically marking your Shopify orders as fulfilled
Automatically marking your Shopify orders as fulfilled
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If you have a Shopify store, keeping track of which orders have been fulfilled is probably an important part of your process.

You may also make use of the customer notifications Shopify send on fulfillment, updating customers with the delivery status of their order:

With Packfleetʼs Shopify integration, you have the option to mark orders as fulfilled automatically. This feature also gives you full control of at what point in the process the order should be considered fulfilled.

To turn on auto-fulfillment through Packfleet, do the following:

  1. Press ⚙️ Settings next to your Shopify store

  2. Scroll down to Automatic fulfillment

  3. Choose the option that most closely matches your expectation of when you consider an order to be fulfilled. You have options all the way from shipment creation to final delivery.

Once an order is fulfilled, it will appear as such Shopify will send the first e-mail to the customer, telling them their order is with Packfleet and give them a tracking link. From then on, the customer will receive a new e-mail each time the state of the delivery changes (e.g. on "Out for delivery" and "Delivered"). You do have more granular control of these notifications from your Shopify dashboard if you want to tweak which e-mails get sent.

If you like, you can also disable the Shopify notifications altogether through your Packfleet integration.

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