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Adding Packfleet as a delivery option to your Shopify checkout flow
Adding Packfleet as a delivery option to your Shopify checkout flow
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Our Shopify integration makes it really easy to offer Packfleet as an option to your customers at the checkout stage. To do this, youʼll need to set up Shopify’s “Carrier Calculated Rates” feature.

In this article weʼll walk you through exactly out how to show Packfleet as a carrier, and also how to add a fallback option when Packfleet is not available.

Note: If you're on a "Basic" Shopify plan, you'll need to upgrade to a "Shopify" or "Advanced" plan first.

Showing Packfleet at checkout

  1. Log in to your Packfleet dashboard

  2. Press the 👤 (Settings) icon in the bottom left

  3. Go to the Apps tab and find your Shopify store in the list of connected apps.

  4. Press ⚙️ Settings

  5. Toggle the Show Packfleet at checkout option

Adding a custom description for the Packfleet shipping option

You can optionally add a description to further explain why customers should use Packfleet and add any more information that might be relevant for your shop; for example order cut-off times.

To add a custom description:

  1. Go to the Shopify app settings on your Packfleet dashboard

  2. Click Customise description under "Checkout preview"

  3. Enter the description you'd like to be shown underneath the Packfleet option

  4. Hit Save

Note: Due to Shopify's caching, this description might take a while to change for customers who've previously had a checkout in progress.

Managing shipping rates

To change the price of the Packfleet option, you'll need to configure "shipping rates" on Shopify.

Note: Before you do this, make sure the collection locations you have on your Packfleet account match those configured on your Shopify account.

To get started, click "Manage the shipping rates your customers see" on the screen shown above — this will take you to your Shopify account.

Shopify lists your available shipping rates, for example in the screenshot below this store has a single set of “General” rates. Press Manage on your active rates.

Scroll down the the Shipping origins section and find the warehouse location you are shipping from. Make sure you are shipping from this location to the 🇬🇧 United Kingdom.

You should see Packfleet appear as an option, if you have multiple types of carriers you may need to check under the Carrier and app rates tab

ℹ️ If you can't see the Packfleet option here, you may need to click Add Rate and chose the Use carrier or app to calculate rates option. If this still doesn't work, you might also need to re-enable Show Packfleet at checkout from the first section of this article.

Now, click the ... by the Packfleet row and press Edit rate. Make sure that the Packfleet (zero emissions delivery) service box is checked. It should look a bit like this:

You're done! Packfleet will now appear in the checkout process for customers with an address covered by Packfleet.

Fallback delivery options

⚠️ Fallback delivery options are an experimental feature. Please get in touch with us to turn it on

When Packfleet is enabled at checkout, you might want to show it as the only delivery option if we support the customer's delivery address. If you do this, you'll notice that customers outside of London have no delivery options available.

To make this easier, we are trialing a feature that lets you provide a fallback option for your orders if Packfleet doesn't support your customer deliver to that customer yet.

If you'd like to turn this feature on, get in touch with us from your Packfleet dashboard and let us know the following:

  • Fallback courier name

  • Shipping price

  • Description (optional)

Note: Fallback options can be configured based on order value (see below), but not based on the destination or package weights.

Variable shipping fee based on order value

⚠️ Variable shipping fee is an experimental feature. Please get in touch with us to turn it on

If you need to offer customers a different shipping fee based on the order value, you can optionally override the prices returned by the Packfleet Shopify app. The fee amount can also be configured for fallback options (see above).

To turn this feature on, get in touch with us and let us know the amounts that you would like to be shown to the customer at each order value. For example:

  • Order value is less than £40: £6 shipping fee

  • Order value is greater than (or equal to) £40: £0 shipping fee

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