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Getting started with the Packfleet API
Getting started with the Packfleet API

All you need to know to start using Packfleet programmatically

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All requests to our API need to send an API key to authenticate your requests. This article will help you obtain the credentials for both a test environment so you can safely test your changes as well as how to obtain production credentials.

Test environment

We offer a test environment for testing out an integration, or just playing around with our API. To get started, first sign up to a test account at

Once you've verified your email address, you can log in to your account from the same test-app URL.

Generating a test API key

  1. Press πŸ‘€ in the bottom left of the Packfleet dashboard, then select Apps in the settings Sidebar

  2. Go to Integrations

  3. Press Connect a new integration

  4. Search for Packfleet API and press Connect

  5. When prompted press Create an API key

  6. A popup will appear with your new API key. Make sure you save this value now as it will not be shown again! If you lose it, just create another key.

  7. Now that you have your API key you can make requests to the test environment found at

Production environment

The steps to use Packfleet for real shipments is largely identical to the test environment! First, make sure you have a Packfleet merchant account. You can book a demo with us or sign up directly at

Generating a production API key

  1. Log into your production account here

  2. Follow the same steps as generating a test API key (Steps 1-4 above)

  3. You can now make requests to using the API key you generated

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