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Weight, size and cut off times
Weight, size and cut off times
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Parcel weight

Our weight limit per pack is 20kg. Any pack heavier than this limit will be held at our depot and we’ll charge you a fine of £5 per extra kilogram for us to complete the delivery or return to sender.

Parcel size

We accept packs up to 60x60x60cm. Any pack larger than this we’ll charge you a £20 fine.

As with overweight packs, we’ll hold oversized packs at our depot and contact you to confirm you’re happy to pay the £20 fine for us to complete the delivery or invite you to come and collect the parcel from our depot (and still be charged the original delivery fee).

Cut off times

Next-day deliveries

Collection days

Monday to Saturday

Collection times

Monday to Friday: 8am to 9pm

Saturday: 9am to 4pm

Collection time window

When booking on the day, starts on the next half-hour increment

Booking in advance: 1h

Booking on the day: 4h

Latest start time: 6pm

Collection cut-off time

Last time to book a collection on the day


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